• Healthcare
    £1M theatres planning savings
    Co-developed 'Productive Ward'
    £50M saving delivered at Leeds Teaching Hospital
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  • KM&T
    Saving over $15M in improved Logistics
    € 38M saving in one MRO facility
    73% reduction in process TAT
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  • KM&T
    Infrastructure & Utilities
    £2M released in planning
    Increase Engineering Productivity by 45%
    Ensuring market place competitiveness
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  • Improved supply chain solutions
    $2M savings in rolling stock production
    Increased reliability

About Us

KM&T is a global team of improvement specialists working with organisations to help solve complex operational challenges. We pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations, no matter how large or small, private or government owned. Underpinned by the principles of Lean and Continuous Improvement methodology, we support organisations to address four critical objectives:

 Productivity Improvement - A smarter way of working 

 Cost Reduction - Doing the same with less 

 Growth Capacity - Working at scale projects

 Support Enabling Projects - Innovative systems and training academy

Latest News

    • KM&T earns a place on Management Consultancy Framework (MCF2)
      29-08-2018- 13:49:54

      KM&T have been selected to join the Consultancy Two framework; the UK Government’s main procurement framework for management consultants who have been recognised for delivering value against investment levels. MCF2 allows KM&T to support Government organisations such as the NHS, Healthcare providers and other public sector bodies with transformational and strategic consultancy. The Government’s aim...

    • KM&T expands portfolio of improvement programmes
      22-05-2018- 13:43:33

      The Productive General Practice QuickStart programme has now reached nearly 1,500 practices over the past two years, with hundreds of thousands of hours of time saved across the country. Feedback on the programme continues to be excellent, with more than 95% of sessions rated as either ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’ by practice managers. As we move into the fifth wave of the NHS England funded programme, we’ve...

    • Our manufacturing team goes from strength to strength
      22-05-2018- 13:33:25

      The Manufacturing sector team in the UK and Europe are continuing to work with two very different, major global brands. In the UK, we are helping a leading sports car manufacturer to improve and increase the output of their vehicle assembly facility through coaching of their senior management, implementing Lean tools and techniques and supporting shop-floor based problem-solving throughout their...

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Contact info

For all enquires and information use contact information provided below.


KM&T UK                                                   Phone: +44(0)24 7623 6275

The Techno Centre                                     Email: info@kmandt.com

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